Our AdvantagesProduce the products with high quality standards at the most competitive pricing and it is committed to the best services

Our Products

For the purchase of all raw materials to the process of producing finished products, from the process of quality control to sell the finished products before the warehouse, each process is implemented by the responsible teams to control to make the finished products as the perfected as possible.

Our Projects

The projects installed to our producing products like dry back(3.0mm), Click LVT (4.0mm) are smoothly completed and are received the best comments for our exported products, this is shown that BEAUTY FLOORING have already entered into the market all over the world.

Our Service

We will reply to you at the shortest time when we receive the request from all of the concentrated BEAUTY FLOORING clients, in the communication with demand party, your attitudes and your authentic needs will be put in our first priority.

Projects Create the satisfying projects for demander

About USCreativity, credible & Pursuit of win-win

Professional vinyl flooring manufacturer to produce the best PVC flooring at the best prices directly to all of our clients in the worldwide is our responsibility and missions for motives of the people of BEAUTY FLOORING, we are dedicated to the engaged industries from glasses in 1998, to crystallized glass panels in 2002 and to vinyl flooring in 2014, our factory is located in BEIJING, China, we safely and responsibly operate our plants around 2 decades and employ approximately 100 dedicated and talented individuals, all working together to provide the living into our factory. " | MORE INFO →

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FAQ's What is vinyl flooring?

Vinyl flooring, also known as luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), resemble the look of hardwood, stone and ceramic tiles, it can be designed to present many looks whatever anyone images according to the orders, it is can be installed into heavy traffic areas like supermarket and airports and this product is easy to maintain and clean.| MORE INFO →