Introduction of vinyl floor tile

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Vinyl floor tile is another name of vinyl flooring.
Generally, vinyl floor tiles or luxury vinyl tile is referred to the stone color or carpet color.In order to let some clients clearly understand the vinyl floor tile, as for a vinyl floor tile manufacturer from China, we demonstrate the vinyl floor tile here.

The available size of vinyl floor tile

As for these stone colors and carpet colors, the regular size is 12 x 12” (also called 304 x 304mm); 24 x 24”(609 x 609mm), 12 x 24”(304.8 x 609.6mm); 36 x 36”(914.4 x 914.4mm), these size is the common size the clients require.
As for the vinyl floor tile of click products, the common size is 300 x 900mm, 300 x 600mm; the click system can be the same as the vinyl planks.

The available color of vinyl floor tile

BEAUTY FLOORING have many vinyl floor tile colors, these colors are from Aojing series, victroria series, also, we have opened some newly colors of vinyl floor tile, pls check the one of the following colors, these colors is also one of vinyl floor tile here, this color is opened here to adjust the USA market and South America, the size of this color is 914.4 x 914.4mm, the thickness is 3mm, thus, if you want to know more about vinyl floor tile, pls send email to us to inquire further.

At the same time, BEAUTY FLOORING accept the specific color of vinyl floor tile, if you have the demands to design the brochures to publicize the local market, we also can make the brochures here and then deliver with the loading containers together. if you want to check more colors, pls check here to inquire more.

The available thickness of vinyl floor tile

Generally, the thickness from vinyl floor tile is from 2mm to 3mm, that is to say, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm are all available.
Sometimes, some clients require 1.5mm, even 1.2mm vinyl floor tile, we also can make here.
Generally, 2mm to 3mm vinyl floor tile is also named dry back vinyl flooring, as 2mm to 3mm is installed by glues, all installation of vinyl flooring by glues is also named glue down (common called into the USA).
If clients require 4mm or 5mm vinyl floor tile, we suggest here that pls choose click system vinyl floor tile is a good choice, if 4mm or 5mm is chosen a dry back vinyl floor tile, the requirement of glues is so high, thus, pls consider the 4mm or 5mm click system of vinyl floor tile.
BEAUTY FLOORING here also can make the 6mm click system of vinyl floor tile, some colors is into the stock already, if you interests, pls leave messages to our whatsapp (+86 13811178992, Tony).

The available embossing of vinyl floor tile

Into the vinyl floor tile market, the common embossing of vinyl floor tile is slate embossing, leather embossing and coral pattern, these embossing are all available here.

The producing capacity of vinyl floor tile

The capacity of BEAUTY FLOORING is 180 container/month, thus, if some clients need the products less than 10 container/month, our producing capacity is enough to finish here, the deliver time will be around 25- 30 days for 1 -5 containers after receiving the deposit. If some clients require the shorter deliver time (around 7 days), also, it is available here, as some colors are our regular colors in stock, we have stock here, thus, these goods can be delivered very soon.
At the same time, there are some colors into stock, that is to say, these colors of printed layers are into stock constantly, there is no need for waiting the time of purchasing the printed layers and then these colors of goods can be arranged the production soon when receiving the confirmation.

The SPC flooring of vinyl floor tile

Regularly, SPC flooring is referred to the click type of spc flooring only, BEAUTY FLOORING here also can make the dry back type of SPC flooring, that is to say, 2.5mm or 3mm dry back type of SPC flooring also be available here, if some clients have interest to know more, pls leave messages to our whatsapp (+86 13811178992, tony) to inquire more.
All in all, vinyl floor tile is copied the real marble, vinyl sheet color and tiles, thus, the size of vinyl floor tile is copied the tiles, real marbles and vinyl sheet, many colors into the vinyl sheet also is available into vinyl floor tile, thus, if some clients want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will provide you the best service with the quality assured vinyl floor tile.
Choosing BEAUTY FLOORING vinyl floor tile, Choosing a good start in future.