Statement of a leading vinyl flooring manufacturer

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Statement of a leading vinyl flooring manufacturer

Vinyl flooring is not a high technical, according to the development of recent years, many vinyl flooring is appealed like vinyl click flooring, glue down vinyl flooring, loose lay vinyl flooring, SPC flooring ,RVP flooring, peel and stick (also called self adhesives vinyl flooring), floating vinyl flooring and so on.

BEAUTY FLOORING, as a leading vinyl flooring suppliers from China, is a professional into vinyl flooring industries, all type of click lock vinyl flooring like vinyl click flooring, SPC flooring, RVP flooring, WPC flooring and loose lay vinyl flooring included is our advantages. Except that one, we also produce dry back vinyl flooring, peel and stick vinyl flooring and so on.

BEAUTY FLOORING, the scales of enterprises is middle, it accounts for around 50 acres for this factory, we have 2 back layer producing lines, 28 sets of hot pressing lines( 2 sets of hot pressing lines is over 1.8 meter length, thus, we can do the size of 1.8meter length luxury vinyl flooring), 2 set of slotting machines, 4 sets of SPC flooring lines, 2 sets of WPC flooring extrusion lines, 3 set of annealing lines, many punching machines, the total investment of the fixed assets is over 90 million USD dollar.

The total producing capacity is 180 container/month, currently, we have clients from USA, brazil, Europe and Asia, the exporting goods is from 2014, currently, all of our exporting goods is no Customer Complaints due to the problems of physical property of exporting vinyl flooring, we have complaints from the reasons of the problems of pallets before, after adjustment, all of the pallets we choose is the best one and use the good quality of Packing belt to fasten the goods, thus, our vinyl flooring is much better and better.

Some believe there that our scales is not good Compared to the some biggest factories like Novalis, whereas this is also one of our advantages, the smaller scales means lower management cost, the same raw materials both factories use, our price is more competitive.. Whereas compared to some single lines of vinyl flooring factories, BEAUTY FLOORING is very comprehensive, that is to say, choosing BEAUTY FLOORING factory, you can finish all of your needed luxury vinyl flooring, for example, if you need SPC flooring, traditional vinyl flooring and Loose lay vinyl flooring, all can be purchased within our factories only.

BEAUTY FLOORING primarily produce the vinyl flooring with 100% virgin materials, the Plasticizer is DOTP, all of our aims is to produce the more environmental vinyl flooring and make our clients better and better if some clients require the high needs for environment.

Sometimes, some client require to dispatch vinyl flooring samples, BEAUTY FLOORING, provide the free samples to you, if some clients require the specific samples like EIR colors of vinyl flooring samples, extra length vinyl flooring samples, we also can make it here, as for the deliver fees of vinyl flooring samples, we can discuss here and confirm it further, for each of BEAUTY FLOORING people, it also hope to deliver samples to all potential clients, sometime, if we ask someone to afford the deliver costs, it means we want to receive the sincerity from your side, we don’t care about the deliver fees, we care about the sincerity with you, each sincere clients is our special one we fully concentrate on here.

BEAUTY FLOORING, just the best.