China LVT flooring manufacturers

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China LVT flooring manufacturers

LVT flooring, the full name is luxury vinyl tile flooring, is an artificial flooring made by PVC powders and stone powder mixes.
This type of flooring is made by back layer lines, annealing lines and UV lines, the biggest advantages of LVT flooring is waterproof, fireproof and easy to install, thus, LVT flooring is more and more trendy into the market.
Currently, LVT flooring have dry back LVT flooring (also called glue down LVT flooring), click lock vinyl flooring, loose lay vinyl flooring, floating vinyl flooring (also called WPC flooring), and RVP flooring (also called engineered vinyl plank flooring by lumber liquidators).
According to the development of recent year, BEAUTY FLOORING has some special advantages for some LVT flooring, the following is the statement of each one we specialize here.

Embossing in register LVT flooring.

Embossing in register(EIR) LVT flooring is a products that the embossing is matched the series of chosen colors, thus, compared to the regular LVT flooring, EIR LVT flooring is more vivid and realistic.
Some importers pursue the more vivid and realistic LVT flooring, EIR LVT flooring is a good choicel
According to the development of BEAUTY FLOORING in recent years, BEAUTY FLOORING have a capacity to produce some EIR LVT flooring, as for the colors of EIR LVT flooring, pls click here to check these EIR colors.

Extra long size LVT flooring

BEAUTY FLOORING also can make the extra long size LVT flooring, this special size is achieved 1.8 meter length, if some clients interest this special extra length LVT flooring, pls leave messages to our whatsapp (+86 13811178992, Tony).

Loose lay LVT flooring

Loose lay vinyl flooring is not a new product into the market, many factories announce that their Loose lay LVT flooring is good, actually, very few factories have the good capacity to produce the good quality of loose lay LVT flooring.
BEAUTY FLOORING have a good development & research teams to study the formula of Loose lay LVT flooring and eventually find a special formula to adjust the good quality of loose lay LVT flooring, this Loose lay LVT flooring is 5mm with 0.50mm (20mil) wear layer and 5mm with 0.70mm (28mil) wear layer, 100% virgin materials, espically, 6mm with 0.50mm (20mil) also is available here, the adjusted size is 7.25 x 48”, 9 x 48” inch, these type of loose lay LVT flooring is exported some countries already, if some clients interest to know more about Loose lay LVT flooring, pls leave message to our whatsapp (+86 13811178992, Tony).

RVP flooring

RVP flooring is also called EVP (engineered vinyl plank) flooring in USA, this type of latest LVT flooring is specified some special advantages like far less shirking and curving, more stable in physical property and so on, the shirking and curving is achieved less than 0.05%, this ratio is far less than the traditional LVT flooring and SPC flooring.
If some clients want to know more about this latest flooring, pls click here to know more.
Except the above type of LVT flooring, BEAUTY FLOORING also specialize in click lock vinyl flooring like 5mm (0.50mm or 0.70mm wear layer; 100% virgin materials) CLICK lock vinyl flooring, glue down LVT flooring (like 3mm with 0.50mm, 100% virgin materials) and WPC flooring (like 6mm wpc cores plus 2mm LVT with 0.50mm wear layer), these LVT flooring is exported to many countries for many containers.

BEAUTY FLOORING, your specialist.