Introduction of WPC flooring

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Introduction of WPC flooring

WPC flooring, into some countries, also is called floating vinyl flooring or engineered LVT plank & tiles.
WPC is incredible product in the world. It means the base is the composite of wood power and plastic, top layer is vinyl flooring. These two kind of the material are pressed together as a new product. WPC has the characteristics of both WPC and Vinyl material. People like its clean, environmental and waterproof. You can choose long size (1540 or 1840mm) and EIR surface from BEAUTY FLOORING WPC as the first selection of the floor.
WPC flooring is technically a LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile/Plank) because it has a vinyl surface. Into some countries, WPC flooring can also be marketed as being an engineered or enhanced vinyl floor. People have known about LVT and similar products for a while, but WPC is just catching on in terms of popularity. The reason it’s gaining so much popularity and flying off our shelves is because of the promises that it makes as being dimensionally stable, waterproof, and recyclable! Our main WPC product, also starts at a lower price point than the other LVT’s we carry.

Advantages of WPC flooring

The advantages of WPC flooring is low density, the same amount of WPC flooring, the weight is lower than the Lvt flooring, thus, WPC flooring is light type of flooring, the feeling is good whatever the installation or carrying is implemented.
Besides, the hardness of WPC flooring is good, thus, some commercial areas like supermarket and hotel are preferred, there is really good effect of residual indentation after installation.

Disadvantages of WPC flooring

WPC flooring is belonged to a foaming products, thus, the wpc cores is not stable compared to the traditional LVT flooring.
On the other hand, the WPC cores and the LVT layers is stick together by glues, sometimes, if this process is implemented not well, there is a possibility that the wpc cores and LVT layers will be stratified.

How to solve the problems of WPC flooring

BEAUTY FLOORING have already established a system to control the quality of WPC flooring.
According to the potential problems WPC flooring have like the bigger shirking and curving, BEAUTY FLOORING uniform the system to control here.
Firstly, BEAUTY FLOORING control the density of wpc flooring, the controlling density is from 900 to 950 kg/m³, in order to achieve this point, BEAUTY FLOORING constantly examine the formula to maintain the stable, when arrangement of production, BEAUTY FLOORING control the temperature when semi-wpc cores is extruded.
For example, BEAUTY FLOORING state here the shirking and curving of our WPC flooring can be controlled less than 0.20% when the testing temperature is achieved over 70 centi degree over 6 hours.
Moreover, when the wpc cores and LVT layers is fitted together, BEAUTY FLOORING have its own method to operate the fit, when fitting process is operated here, the exterior is controlled by the stable temperature and stable humidity, at the same time, BEAUTY FLOORING constantly examine the fitting degree between wpc cores and LVT layers each 100m2 to make sure that the fit degree is achieved the standards we have.  

Available size & thickness of BEAUTY FLOORING wpc flooring

Many common sizes into the market is available here, for example, 180 x 1220mm, if the length is achieved 1540 or 1840mm, this size also is available here.
The thickness of wpc flooring is depended on the needs according to the clients you require. Regularly, the thickness of 6mm wpc cores and 2mm with 0.50mm LVT is regular colors into stock, if you prefer to this type of wpc flooring, pls send messages to our whatsapp (tony, +8613811178992), if you have some other requirement for WPC flooring, also, pls send email to us to inquire.

Available colors of WPC flooring

BEAUTY FLOORING have some regular colors into stock for WPC flooring, these colors is very trendy into market, pls click here to know more about these colors.
Also, we also accept the unique colors, if you have some special requirement for colors, pls send email to us, we will provide you our feedback asap.

Special WPC flooring

Generally, BEAUTY FLOORING have the traditional type wpc flooring, it also have some special type of WPC flooring like the EIR color of WPC flooring.
These EIR (embossing in register) WPC flooring is achieved 1540mm, thus, if some clients interest EIR color of WPC flooring, BEAUTY FLOORING also can satisfy your needs definitely.