Introduce Luxury vinyl click flooring

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Introduce Luxury vinyl click flooring

Luxury vinyl click flooring is a type of vinyl flooring, this vinyl flooring is installed by locking system, this locking system is sourced from laminate flooring or engineered wood flooring, the locking system make the installation much easier, thus, many many clients choose vinyl click flooring as their primary demand.

Into vinyl click flooring market, there are two common type of vinyl click flooring, the one is click vinyl planks, this vinyl flooring is sourced from the wood colors, the other is called vinyl tile click flooring, this type of vinyl flooring is from the stone or marble colors, into some countries, it is also have carpet color of vinyl tile click flooring.

Click vinyl planks

Click vinyl planks is the mainstream for vinyl click flooring, regularly, the common size is 180 x 1220mm (net size, excluded click system) is the primary one, also, some clients require 6 x 48”, 9 x48”, or extra long size, it also available here, if some clients interest this special size, pls leave messages to our whatsapp (+86 13811178992, Tony).

Except the size, the common thickness for click vinyl planks is 4mm to 5mm, BEAUTY FLOORING also accept 3.5mm and 6mm, now, it also achieve 3.2mm vinyl click flooring here, as we have our special technology to make sure that the physical property is stable after installation for our 3.5mm, even 3.2mm vinyl click flooring, at the same time, the price for 3.2mm or 3.5mm can be attractive for any potential cooperator, if someone interests, pls click here to leave messages more.

As for the colors of click vinyl planks, BEAUTY FLOORING have opened many trendy colors here each year, pls click here to select some colors you like.

Many potential clients will ask here that why BEAUTY FLOORING promise that your click vinyl planks is the finest one, the following is some of the key reasons.
  1. BEAUTY FLOORING equipped with the advanced slotting machines imported from overseas, the high accuracy from this slotting machines make us a good foundation to produce the finest vinyl lock vinyl planks.Pls click here to watch the videos of making click system.
  1. BEAUTY FLOORING establishes a good self-quality control system to be assured that the click vinyl planks is the finest one. For example, as for click vinyl planks, some figures is really important like the shirking and curving, peel resistance and the gap between the click system between two pieces, each 500m2, BEAUTY FLOORING will randomly choose the finished products to test, if tester find the figures that is over the standards we regulate here, the production will be ceased immediately and then find the reasons to solve the current problems, the production will be arranged until the problems is solved successfully.
  1. Strict standards is implemented here. BEAUTY FLOORING produces the click vinyl planks based on the strict standards. As you known, the vinyl flooring have a industrial standards like GB 4085-2005, except this standards, it also have a European standards it will regulate here, for example, the standards of EN 431, EN427, EN428 and so on, all of our production standards is stricter than these standards in order to make sure that the quality of our producing products is much better.
  1.  OUR vinyl click flooring is the green one. This is a era to advocate the environmental friendly, green and recycle, BEAUTY FLOORING fully implement this initiative. For example, we primarily produce the 100% virgin materials vinyl click flooring, the plasticizer is used DOTP, the printed layers we cooperate here is from TAIWAN, all the raw materials we use here is considered the responsibility of the environment as for a enterprise.
Thus, BEAUTY FLOORING, China finest vinyl flooring manufacturer is become one of a powerful trust factories they believe there, this videos is from, pls click here, this short videos is the one to install our products into the domesitc areas, at the same time, we export our click vinyl planks to some projects, for example, our 5mm vinyl click planks is installed a hotel (TAPESTRY BY HILTON IN USA), our 4mm vinyl click planks is installed a national court in South America, currently, our vinyl click planks is recieved a project from a 7 star hotel, the goods for this 7 star hotel is producing here already. 

Vinyl tile click flooring

Vinyl tile click flooring is referred to the stone colors and marble colors here, compared to the vinyl click planks, the vinyl tile click flooring have some difference.

The size of vinyl tile click flooring is 305 x 610mm, also, BEAUTY FLOORING can make the 308 x 935mm, if some interest this size of vinyl tile click flooring, pls click here to select your preferred colors, if you want to know more, pls click here to inquire more.

Except the above size, many sizes from vinyl click planks is also available here, if some want to inquire more, pls click here know more.

The available thickness from vinyl tile click flooring is the same as the vinyl click planks, BEAUTY FLOORING promote some special thickness of vinyl tile click flooring like 6mm, some colors still are into stock, if someone want to inquire more, pls click here to know more.

Currently, BEAUTY FLOORING vinyl click flooring exports to USA, Brazil, UAE, Europe, Asia and so on, the timeless services, the quality assured vinyl click planks and the most cost effective price are made our market bigger and bigger, choosing BEAUTY FLOORING, you will love it.


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